Terms & Conditions

B@TL Academy Student General Terms & Conditions:

B@TL Academy is wholly owned and operated by BATL BREWED AT THE LAB TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED, offers certain discounts on service(s), software, hardware and other items to eligible students, faculty and staff (the “Eligible Students”, as defined below) in connection with its Student Offer (the “Program“). The Program, which specifically includes any offers made in connection with the Program, is offered to Eligible Students subject to the following terms and conditions (the “Terms“). By participating in the Program and taking advantage of Program offers, you represent that you are an Eligible Student and acknowledge and agree to be bound by these Terms. Program and offer duration. All Programs conducted by BATL BREWED AT THE LAB TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED are subjected to changes from time to time. The Program shall continue until terminated by B@TL Academy. B@TL Academy reserves the right to terminate, cancel or otherwise change the Program and these Terms at any time and for any reason. B@TL Academy also reserves the right to terminate, cancel or otherwise change any specific offer made through or in connection with the Program at any time and for any reason.

Program eligibility requirements:

This Program is available only to individuals who meet the criteria described below (the “Eligible Students”):

1. Individual must be either a full- and part-time enrolled student, or a faculty / staff member of a qualified, accredited higher education institution. Restrictions may vary by country.

2. Individual must successfully verify their eligibility status through the B@TL’s verification process

3. Individual must have a B@TL Academy account or create one at the time of purchase. If you participate in the Program, B@TL Academy reserves the right to contact you directly or through an appointed B@TL Academy vendor to verify that you are an Eligible Student. If you choose not to provide sufficient documentation to B@TL Academy or its appointed vendor that verifies that you are an Eligible Student, you agree to reimburse B@TL Academy for the difference between what you paid in connection with a discounted Program offer and the estimated full price of the same product or service(s).

4. B@TL Academy will have sole discretion to determine the sufficiency of any documentation that you provide to verify you are an Eligible Student. By providing eligibility-related information to B@TL Academy’s appointed vendor, you agree that the vendor may share such information with B@TL Academy for Program-related

5. B@TL Academy, in its sole discretion, may accept other forms of validation to determine eligibility in lieu of the online academic verification process.

6. B@TL Academy, in its sole discretion, may determine the criteria for eligibility under the Program and may change the eligibility criteria or deny eligibility at any time and for any reason.

Offered support:

● Software – Only electronic software download (“ESD”) versions of software products are offered through the Program. For certain titles, a backup disk may also be ordered from the company for an additional fee.

● Finance – Clean loan with easy EMI options available for all candidates from via Indian Overseas Bank. Application forms available either online or at B@TL Academy R&D Labs. **Bank T&C Applicable.

● Placement Assistance – A dedicated B@TL Career Wing executive will be assigned to each candidate from stage one of training & development in order to enhance the candidate’s placement opportunity with our global partners.


It is essential that we have your correct email address as we will email you an order confirmation upon successful registration. You will also receive a Live Project Training Program

Information Sheet including education information BY EMAIL at least two weeks prior to the scheduled dates of your Live Project Training Program Event. If you have not received your Live Immersion Training Program Information Sheet by two weeks before the scheduled dates of your Live Project Training Program, contact our office at +1 323 522 5863 or email info@brewedatthelab.com and we will make sure to re-send it.


Once paid, registration fees for the BATL Programs, Live Project Training Programs and other events are non-refundable. Any terms on this page referring to the “Live Immersion Training Program(s)” also applies to the BATL BREWED AT THE LAB TECHNOLOGIES and other events by B@TL ACADEMY.

All students enrolled in B@TL Academy Programs shall abide to the to the above terms and conditions.

Conditional Offer Letter Terms & Conditions:

1. Kindly note that the letter provided at the time of registration for BATL programs is a system generated conditional offer letter and is not a confirmed appointment from B@TL INTERNATIONAL Inc. USA or BATL BREWED AT THE LAB TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED.

2. All candidates registered under BATL programs are subjected to Performance Review test by BATL’s Performance Review Panel (PRP) 1 & 2. time to time to keep them on track.

3. All candidates must pass all performance review checks in order to proceed forward with BATL.

4. BATL reserves all rights to terminate/cancel applications based on disciplinary, performance or any other reasons from time to time.

5. All students enrolled in BATL Live Project Programs are must abide with the terms and conditions by PRP 1 & 2.