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Welcome to B@TL Academy!

B@TL Academy, the education wing of Brewed @ The Lab, offers globally recognised training programmes in the spheres of Business; Content; Communication; Design; Documentation; Finance; Fitness; Human Resource and more. Our internationally acclaimed courses are taught by industry experts at our ergonomic training centres. The B@TL Career wing assists all candidates with relevant placement opportunities. At B@TL we educate candidates beyond textbooks by encapsulating industry practices along with practical application. Our amalgamation of theory and practice sets us apart from our peers within the industry. Getting trained at B@TL ensures career oriented education.


  • Learn the basics & core in chosen fields
  • Work on live B@TL projects – domestic & international
  • Develop new strategies in chosen fields
  • Broaden your knowledge
  • Boost your confidence & career

Join B@TL Academy and be part of a enterprising network that comprises of next-gen individuals who contribute to global businesses. Imbibing knowledge on industry practices alongside practical application will provide you with deep and strategic understanding of client-industry correlation. This will equip you to provide effective strategies that deliver value to the organisation. At B@TL Academy you can leverage on the technology, network of people as well as opportunity to work alongside clients from across the globe.


All B@TL Academy training programmes encompasses the perfect balance of theory and practice coupled with expertise.

B@TL Academy is committed to transforming individuals into analysts by providing them with the skills and expertise required to boost their career. We offer intensive training that comprises of lectures and practical sessions to optimise your learning as well as build expertise.

Our comprehensive training programmes provide interactive opportunities that not only provide exposure on analytics but also on work culture, management, communication and more.


Simple, integrated Business Analysis An end-to-end BIG Data analytics–based research institute that has been designed for the NextGen by the NextGen enterprising business professionals, is designed to kindle and nurture young minds with future technologies thereby keeping them updated with the ever growing technologies. Giving you insights on BIG DATA Analytics, digital convenience and intelligence and its application to brick-and-mortar Business environments, drive revenue growth, and reinvent the customer experience


Our curriculum, for the NextGen by the NextGen enterprising business professionals, is designed to equip them to take on the competitive world and thrust their careers forward. Our courses facilitate to meet global needs and challenges thereby mould you to meet future technology and its demands.

Our curriculum incorporates the perfect blend of theory and practice. It includes current and future trends, corporate processes, real-time project experiences and other modules that boost your confidence and career.


Our team comprises of professional associates who have diverse exposure and are highly skilled in their respective domains.


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Microsoft Certified
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